Graphics competition (V) organizes NEW GRAPHICS COMPETITION V. Yipikayee!

Competition II was quite successful by doubling the participants compared to the competition I. Competition III was not as successfull as II. Competition IV had just GRIGORI hopefully we get more participants for the competition V.

Once upon a time in sfnet group sfnet.atk.grafiikka (ks. based competitions were quite successful and offered some money, compupic software and music of Björn Lynne. Thank you Marc, where ever you are.

Competition (III) had over TEN images. Results are viewable here — have a peak and enjoy!

Something from history: there were two guys in those historic competitions named Reko Nokkanen (game designer) and graphics artist Manu Järvinen. They have grown to great lengths and are quite professionals today. It has been pleasure to know these guys!

Subject for your graphics is free. 2D, 3D images and composites (photographs included) will be accepted via email It is assumed that you use content where you have copyrights. You can use previously published material. By sending the images you accept and give right to use your content on our site. Your images are only used for graphics competition results.

If you don’t have image manipulation program you can download the FREE GIMP-software.

Competition time ends at 1st of november 2022. Remember that you can use already published material for the competition.

Winner will get 50€. If you have any questions about the competition let me know.

Br, Juha


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